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An Intensive 5-Day Training Course

Oil & Gas Commercial Contracts and Negotiation Skills

09 – 13 Sep 2019
 Beijing   Fee: $5,950
16 – 20 Dec 2019
 Bangkok   Fee: $5,950
09 – 13 Mar 2020
 London   Fee: $5,950
*All fees are exclusive of VAT

Business of oil & gas is contractually and technically complex, involving enormous capital along with some risks and uncertainties. It is often significantly influenced by geopolitical events.

In this Britannia training course you will study:

  • The basics of oil & gas exploration, production, and the oil and gas recovery economics to fully understand the business and the essential contracting terms
  • The various types of petroleum contracts and their key attributes, along with the contracting parties’ roles and responsibilities
  • The rights and obligations of all parties concerned such as national oil companies, international oil companies and the host government
  • The wide-ranging financial tools used in the oil and gas industry contracts are evaluated along with the fiscal strategies that impact each party’s profitability
  • How these profitability considerations provide incentives for investment and re-investment throughout various stages of oil & gas exploration and production
  • How the understanding of negotiations skills, avoiding conflicts, and effectively preparing for negotiations, helps in concluding successful agreements
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