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An Intensive 5-Day Training Course

Maritime Business Management

01 – 05 Dec 2019
 Dubai   Fee: $4,950
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The Maritime Industry and the world of maritime business have evolved over the centuries to meet the needs of international trade and industry. The basic principles of maritime business management too have evolved over the years with the demands of international commerce and industry.

Present international trade trends have changed with raw materials being shipped in bulk in one direction, and finished products being shipped in the other direction. The nature of shipping within the maritime framework and its importance to the national economy has driven many countries to up their game in the Maritime transport sector by improving their know-how and ability to compete with the best in a global competitive environment.

Britannia’s Maritime Business Management training course will give you a thorough and up to-date understanding of the complex driving forces behind the industry. Develop your maritime industry awareness at the same time build up your business administration knowledge and skills to assist you in developing your management ability to meet your challenges boost your effectiveness.

This training course is aimed to enable you to; (1) Develop professionals who engage with appropriate and relevant general and specialist knowledge in relation to technological aspects of maritime activities, (2) Practice research and problem solving involved in management of maritime operations, capital assets, equipment and human resources, (3) Engage with practice informed by theory across the disciplines relating to the sector including operations and economics, technology, the environment, law, business accounting, as well as management and leadership, (4) Critically evaluate historical cases and current practices and identify opportunities for innovation and change.

Participants attending the Maritime Business Management training course will develop the following competencies:

  • Understanding of the fundamental aspects of the Maritime Industry and its economic, legal and financial drivers.
  • Gain a thorough knowledge of Maritime Law and rules that regulate the maritime industry.
  • Increase participants understanding of the role of Maritime organisations and their processes.
  • Gain a comprehensive knowledge on recent developments issues relating to legal, compliance, financial and insurance matters affecting the industry.
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