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An Intensive 5-Day Training Course

Excellence in Health Care Management

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The healthcare industry faces a vast array of complicated problems, including staff shortages, rising costs, and increasing government regulations. The healthcare industry is a high-stress, high-risk environment. Luckily, passionate workers have continued to take on the challenges of healthcare with grace and confidence.

The rapidly evolving nature of technology, information and medical management provides opportunities for employers to contain escalating costs and help manage the quality of care and the total health of employees. This training course will benefit healthcare leaders with knowledge and essential guidance necessary to participate actively in decision making that affects their hospitals/clinics.

Participants attending Britannia’s Excellence in Healthcare Management training course will develop the following competencies:

  • Develop their skills in providing an improved service to the patients
  • Become a change master who encourages innovative thought and behaviour
  • Set the right vision for their team, department and entire hospitals
  • Encourage effective decision-making skills in a variety of situations
  • Update their knowledge on modern healthcare management and leadership
  • Become aware of the latest developments in healthcare accreditation
  • Help employees develop effective change management strategies
  • Improve the competitive position of their hospital/clinics in the healthcare market  
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