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An Intensive 5-Day Training Course

Data Privacy:
Protecting the Data in the Connected World

07 – 11 Sep 2020
 London   Fee: $5,950
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There is no more difference between the computer and the phone, laptop and any mobile device. With the introduction of the Cloud, IoT and other modern technologies, the differences are almost erased. However, with the overall connectivity and connectedness, the people and the industry are facing an ever-growing problem of data privacy. As people want to be connected, but not to share all of their data and not to have their data stolen or otherwise misused.

This highly participative Britannia training course will address the major issues of data privacy and preparing for the future, especially now where the sphere of telecommunications is totally liberalised, and there are many interconnected open network provision service providers.

The main effect of this liberalisation and open network provision on current telecommunications services is that whereas before there was only one (state owned) company having full access to and control over the telecommunications infrastructure and its operations, nowadays there are several companies with interwoven infrastructures and operations, which must be on the other side governed by the state and international laws. Therefore, many states have introduced data protection laws, or use their general provision for data protection, while some other entities, for instance European Union have introduced international laws which affect not only the member states but all other enterprises which deal with the data of EU citizens.

Participants attending this Data Privacy training course will develop the following competencies:

  • Understand the value of confidentiality in different spheres of life
  • Learn how the privacy of data can be protected
  • Align the operations of telecommunication service providers to protect the data
  • Balance the requirements of connectivity and service provision with data protection
  • Make a significant contribution to data privacy protection for their customers
  • Learn the impact of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
  • Get acquainted with the standards in data privacy
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