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Advanced Commercial Analysis

Aligning Corporate Strategy and Business Performance

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Central to the success of any enterprise is the thorough analysis and understanding of the markets served and stakeholder expectations, the enterprise’s commercial positioning in these markets and their financial performance.

In the light hereof, the demand for specialised commercial analysts or staff with a broad understanding of commercial analysis is growing.

Although the scope of commercial analysis will vary depending on the organisation, the main objective is to maximise profit and increase market share. Forecasts need to be underpinned by a solid understanding of current market conditions. Thus, there is a need to engage with stakeholders, to take into account competitors’ performance and external regulatory developments and to define key performance indicators (both financial and non-financial) to monitor alignment with corporate strategy and performance within the business.

Commercial analysis can be broken down into five major components:

  • Strategic planning refers to the identification of needs specific to the business
  • Business model analysis involves researching business policies and approaches to customers and stakeholder
  • Process design is related to the analysis of employees and workflow.
  • System analysis refers to the analysis of technical systems that support the organisation strategy
  • Financial Analysis is related to financial performance and positioning

This advanced Britannia training course will provide an in depth overview of commercial analysis, specifically from a financial perspective. To optimize financial performance, one needs to do a detailed business and market analysis, to align expected financial output with departmental and organisational strategy. A key tool in this is the Balanced Scorecard with implementation and evaluation of key performance indicators. The underlying systems should support these strategic outputs and hence should be analysed in the light thereof.

With the systems in place, the focus is on budgeting and internal financial analysis and the subsequent evaluation of financial performance as part of continuous operational output. This performance is then measured against competitors and stakeholder expectations. Finally, the participant will conclude with a commercial analysis development plan, to be implemented in his department or organisation.

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